Monday, February 27, 2012

Industrial Logos - Effective Brand Ambassadors

Industrial logos are a company's face in the marketplace. These logos reflect a company's image and, thus, impact the response of its potential customers. An industrial logo that does not aptly reflect a company's business can actually have a negative impact on the company's image. Good industrial logos tend to become famous and are remembered by people for times to come. Some such examples are the logos of 3M, Toyota Motors and Harley Davidson.

Now, what makes some industrial logos famous? A very high percentage of industrial logos that become famous are the ones that are simple in design, with no fancy colors or graphic designing. Some of them simply use fonts and are a combination of only one or two colors. Yet they are excellent memory triggers.

Basic Features of Good Industrial Logos

Here are some basic tips for designing good industrial logos:

Should be simple
Should not be confusing
Should represent the true nature of a company's business
Should be attractive enough to make an instant impact on the minds of viewers
Should adhere to designing rules
Should make an appropriate use of colors, fonts and styles
Should be equally effective when produced in black and white mode as when it is in the color mode
The output should be equally effective irrespective of the size
Should not lose its attractiveness when reproduced on different mediums
Should stand out and not be a copy of an existing logo
Should reflect the long-term nature or business of the company

Industrial logos are the first step in building a brand and presenting an industrial company's image to its prospective and existing customers and to its associates. Used in all types of communication, such as letterheads, visiting cards, banners, posters and nameplates, industrial logos need to convey an appropriate and accurate image to the targeted audience.

Designing Industrial Logos

Two options for developing industrial logos are available. In the first case, a company can choose a pre-designed template offered by any of the logo designers and modify it to put its own name. Such logos are not unique and not as effective as custom made logos. However, they are perfect for price sensitive companies. Custom made designs are the best option, since they are developed after incorporating the suggestions of both the company and the designer. While the company can present the true picture of its business and products as well as express its preference for a particular, a graphics designers knows how to convert that into good designs. Industrial logos can be designed by choosing one or a mix of designs incorporating iconic or graphic images, illustrative designs or a font-based design.

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