Monday, February 27, 2012

How the Evolution in Industrial Hot Water Systems Can Save Energy

Most industries have made energy efficiency and waste management a top priority to ensure that they gain maximum profit. In almost every country today, there are high penalties for the wasteful use of energy and the improper disposal of waste materials. Heating water and other liquids is a process necessary for many industries. Most of them will need to know how to take advantage of the technological developments in industrial hot water systems.

Meat processing industries do not realize that the equipment they are using may be obsolete and inefficient with today's standards. Most industrial heaters manufactured to standard specifications only have 65% efficiency in heating. This means that they are using twice the energy required to heat their products. While they are making profits, the industries will have to reduce the amount they make for the energy bills they receive monthly.

The technological advances in water heating systems salvage heating energy possible from waste materials. For example, a utilize heat reclaimer utilized to get the heat from waste hot water to the passages of fresh cold water is capable of pre-heating the water from 10% to 30% before it passes into the actual heating mechanism. Around 70% to 95% will be the efficiency of the mechanism to heat the water, saving industries from unnecessary additional costs.

As another example, specially designed boiler economizers make use of the waste energy that goes up the boiler exhaust. They reclaim the heat passing through the boiler exhaust that helps pre-heat the water close to 40%, helping boilers operate more effectively in heating the water. At this point, one can see the benefits of having these particular resource-saving mechanisms in their company.

There are many engineering companies willing to do a case study on your business. After assessment, they propose ideas on how to maximize the use of your equipment efficiently and what they need to build to accomplish this. Having specially designed equipment for your business are great investments indeed. They can help you maximize your profits by eliminating the energy and waste concerns of your company.

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