Friday, January 27, 2012

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Network Marketing Company

So you're thinking about getting into the network marketing industry. The best way for you to start your search would be to stand on a busy street corner wearing a sign that says, "Help! I want to join an MLM." Passing drivers would most likely throw themselves out of their cars and slap onto you like biting flies. Most nine-to-fivers have some little scheme they're working on to get them out of their miserable jobs, and if they don't, their cousin, wife, husband or mother-in-law does... and you wont want any part of that.

A more realistic idea would be to just pass around the word that you are looking for a great network marketing company. Every night of the week network marketing meetings are happening in some home or hotel room. You'll never have enough time to hit them all. But choose a few to look into which have products that you could be enthused about. For example:

Is plastic kitchenware your thing? How about a cosmetics or midnight lingerie parties? What about a water tight faucets network marketing? Or selling oil which lasts the life of your car? Are you into health products? What about brooms, pans, new diets or water? Somewhere out there, you'll find almost everything represented by an enterprising multilevel marketing company or two, three, four, etc.

Ask yourself: "are the products this network marketing company sells in my field of experience or knowledge? Does it matter to me if they aren't?" I have always been interested in health and helping others to live better, healthier lives. Because of this, I feel an urge to get my company's health products out to the people, and that has made it easier for me to stay excited about my work.

Will you be representing something you believe in? Do the products or services work? Do they compare well with what is already available in the common market, or are they in a class all their own? You may want to take into consideration also that some companies are more charitable than others. Some have concerns about the environment and their products reflect that concern. The company I'm involved with has a foundation set up for children in need. It makes me feel good to know that I'm contributing to this cause as well as to my own.

Demand to know what the company's objectives are. Are they a fly by night, get rich quick scam? Putting your faith and energy behind a company is a lot like buying stock in one. You'll want to know where the profits you earn for the company (similar to the investment you'd make in one if you were buying stock) are going. Is it into charities? Into expansion? Into debt? Into the hands of a small group at the top? Large companies as well as small ones offer unlimited possibilities for return from your investment, so long as they are sound. Just like buying stock, it's the growth and integrity of the company, as well as the resistance of the products to market fluctuations, which will bring in the returns.

Once you have applied the above points and limited your possible choices to a few companies, ask to see their marketing plans. If the companies are otherwise acceptable, the generosity of their marketing plan could be a deciding factor

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