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Preparations to Overcome Global Economic Collapse

n the recent past, the world witnessed a severe economic depression and many were affected. Whether big or small, invariably every nation has been a victim of the global economic collapse. Not many were prepared for this unexpected hit and the busy markets came to a standstill. The common man is affected tremendously and the pressure seems to be mounting. Many countries are undergoing various kinds of turmoil and revolutions. The newspapers are replete with reports on the massive demonstrations taking place across the globe. Contrary to the news that has been falsely constructed by the politicians and world leaders, the economic situation still seems to be lingering in the world market. Though the situations have been fixed in a way, some problems are still left unhandled.

The reason for this colossal global economic collapse still remains unknown. The rising oil prices, unemployment, falling currency values, food crisis, etc are some of the evidences of this critical situation. The frequent natural calamities have aggravated the problem even more. Investors are skeptical about making even a small venture. The downfall of those who are doing well at the present moment is quite uncertain. Some are dwelling in the fear of being affected by the recession while few of them are proactively working towards securing their finances from another global meltdown. It is quite obvious that terror will only ruin a person, but looking beyond the situation is a wise thing to do. Giving up on the situations does not do any good.

It is interesting to learn that a majority of the people live a carefree life even in this shaky ground. Though the reasons may differ, one of the most prominent one is the art of surviving and preparing beforehand to face the worst global economic collapse. There are many ways in which people are preparing themselves. The internet is filled with help options for those who wish to invest in securing their future. The online resources display the current economic scenario and also suggest practical steps enabling people to act wisely.

Due to the growing inflation, even the well-to-do people are feeling the pinch of purchasing their daily necessities from the shops. Some of the research scholars have foreseen that the prices will increase by leaps and bounds in the near future. Hence, it is advised that one buys basic necessary items and other products to enjoy modern comforts for at least a year. Hoarding the indispensable items of the daily life will be available in a discounted rate. Secondly, one need not cough up money on any product that may cost an arm and a leg. Most sites are encouraging people to make the most of the present situation, so that they are shielded from any form of sudden disasters or a major global economic collapse. These sites offer packages which consist of usable items which can be used in the times of crisis. There is a complete checklist available online which will enable people to choose a plan that may best suit their needs.

Global Economic Collapse Is Coming Over the World

Are you one of those people who have lost their sleep thinking about the coming global economic collapse? Do you really want to know about this? If you cannot surmise about the aftermaths and consequences of coming global economic collapse, then carry on with this article to know few imperative things that will surely edify you with latest global financial and economical crisis. Proper and of course influential planning is required to fight against the coming global financial crisis that may take the world with a sweep of storm. Beware and fasten your seat belts, because it is true that global economic crisis is getting over the world.

Are you ready to face the global economic collapse which you are progressing towards? Well, if you are not, get ready now because yes there is going to be a economic collapse very soon. The evident signs of global economic collapse confirm that yes something really very critical is going to happen. Entire Europe, USA, Middle East and Asia is continuously alarming people that a critical financial crisis is waiting. Stocks markets, real estate and Forex trading is perhaps on the death bed.

The only countries that can sustain this collapse are those countries, which have strong currency. The countries with weak currencies can never progress or sustain this global economic collapse. Economy, finance, politics and sovereignty of different nations is under server turmoil. If these countries did not take steps to improve the current economy condition, it is for sure that they will pay through nose. Different survival techniques and strategic planning systems are required to handle this hodgepodge condition that is taking the world with sweep of storm. Brighter are the chances that many nations will survive this economic crisis, if and only if they practice lucrative financial management techniques.

What Should Be Done to Tackle the Global Economic Crisis?

The disaster in the economy that started in the year 2008 has snowballed into global economic crisis. Its harmful effects on investment and trade are being experienced now in many economies that survive on export. Even the twin threats of economic trade dehydration and growing protectionism are also being seen in the near distance. The consistent decline in finance has made a larger support for development for improvement in trade more necessary to reduce the negative impact on the global economy, especially in the least developed nations.

It is very important to provide trade with support in the form of building new infrastructure as well as capability for development led by trade for the recuperation of the future and for stabilizing global economy so that there is structural modification and progress in the long run. There are several imposing approaches for attempting to solve the global economic crisis like the Goals for Millennium Development by the UN. These are however, supercilious standards. They are intimidated by the repercussions of the economic problem. This would reduce the current funds of these goals. The goals only try to segregate poverty in parts. This is not of any use. It implies that most of the wealthy countries do not have the will, politically, to move ahead to achieve motivated targets. They are eager, for instance, to only fill their own banks. The time has come for a more necessary set of measures. They have to be thought out well, on a global scale. The core of the economic system of the world is now being paid attention to by many nations. The global economic crisis is threatening to stay for good. Many people who are smart are putting things back in order so that they can face the storm and also beat it to come out triumphant!

Is Socialism the Answer to the Global Economic Crisis?

With the Global Economic Crisis that rocked the world, some of the socialist leaders in the world are claiming it was the "blue eyed white devils" and their capitalism that caused it. This is pretty hilarious, but I kid you not, this is indeed what Hugo Chavez said in a speech in Venezuela and in another one to his Socialist/Communist Club ALBA. He called for all of South and Central America to embrace Socialism and everything would be fixed once and for all.

So, then is Hugo Chavez correct? "Is Socialism the Answer to the Global Crisis?" asks one of my economic paper readers. The answer is; absolutely 100% no. In fact, socialism was actually one of the causes of this great economic crisis, and let me explain. Indeed, it was Socialism type policies and intervention in capitalistic markets which caused the economic housing bubble.

This is because we allowed folks who could not afford loans the ability to take out loans for large homes without having to prove their income. We made laws and rules to make it difficult for banks deny loans, and there were members of the Senate and House, which allowed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to take extremely high risks. All this was backed by the taxpayer.

Had those things not happened, along with perhaps Elliot Spitzer's mistake of forcing Hank Greenberg out of his own company that he built, AIG, our global economic crisis and bubble probably would've never happened. Elliot Spitzer if you'll recall, was not only a Democrat, but also an Ivy League lawyer whose opponents said had socialist tendencies.

Socialism is not the answer for global economics, and the more socialist policies interfere with capitalism, the worse things will get. One only has to read Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" to see how the story ends, if our global economic policies are based on socialism. Please consider all this.

Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank. Lance Winslow believes our politicians are going to need EMT Training to solve the global crisis; EMT Protocols

Note: All of Lance Winslow's articles are written by him, not by Automated Software, any Computer Program, or Artificially Intelligent Software. None of his articles are outsourced, PLR Content or written by ghost writers. Lance Winslow believes those who use these strategies lack integrity and mislead the reader. Indeed, those who use such cheating tools, crutches, and tricks of the trade may even be breaking the law by misleading the consumer and misrepresenting themselves in online marketing, which he finds completely unacceptable.

Management's Global, Economic, Political, and Social View of the World

As an owner or manager of a business there are many ideas and perspectives that who have to explore. A business is not alone successful through its products or services, but also on how the owner is able to think critically and carefully. The world we live in today is full of many different dimensions. People now have to analyze things on all levels including global, economic, political, and social changes. The society in which we live in is becoming more global than ever before. It is virtually impossible for people to be business owners or even consumers without exploring these views. An Italian restaurant located in Philadelphia must be able to handle global, economic, political, and social changes. Throughout this paper I will show the significance of these issues and the effect they have on a business.

When we think of the economy an important factor is inflation. If the level of inflation continues to rise, the value of the dollar decreases. If the value of the dollar decreases, there is less that one can purchase with one dollar compared to previous years. Many people may not see the significance between inflation and an Italian restaurant, but it is most likely that products will be imported from other countries such as Italy or even Spain. With a dollar that is decreasing in value, it can deter other countries from accepting the United States currency because of its worth. This change in the value of a dollar could also cause prices to rise for the restaurant due to declining value of the dollar. Raising prices may be the only way that businesses could cope with the increasing importing prices. From the decrease in the dollar a small business can be affected through their purchasing powers and in turn will lose costumers.

Aside from the global economic factors that can affect a small Italian family restaurant, there are social trends that can affect the Italian restaurant. In the past, South Philadelphia was known for its high Italian population. Recently, the rise in immigration to South Philadelphia has changed the demographics of the area. Now, South Philadelphia is inhabited by other cultures and backgrounds such as, Vietnamese, Chinese, Cambodian, Puerto Rican, as well as many other backgrounds. Most of these new inhabitants are immigrants from other countries. The change in the demographics can directly affect the Italian restaurant in several ways. There will be a decline in the Italian population and thus the business would need to come up with new strategies to attract customers that they once didn't target. A simple change in the immigration pattern can make a business have to rethink their business strategy.

Another global economic trend that can affect the Italian restaurant are tariffs and quotas. Within the United States there are tariffs and quotas set on goods coming into the United States known as imports. Imports are items that are transported from other countries into the United States. Because, the restaurant is an Italian style restaurant, the owner may need to import certain spices, or foods from Italy to sustain its authenticity. The United States poses taxes on imports which is a tax on goods that can cause retaliation between countries. Imports also cause the costs for the products to be higher which can directly affect the Italian restaurant. If the taxes on the imports are high the restaurant must raise its prices to afford the tariffs on imports in order to continue to make a profit. Similar to the affects from the decrease in the value of the dollar the restaurant can lose its customers and deter future customers because of higher priced goods. Another determining factor that affects imports is quotas. Quotas are limitations on the amounts of imports from a specific country. If the United States imposes a quota on the number of imports from Italy this can also directly affect the restaurant. This quota can put a limit on the amount of services and goods the restaurant can offer to its customers. If the goods and services become limited this causes a decrease in supply while there can be an increase in demand. If demand outweighs supply, the restaurant will lose customers to other restaurants who can better serve the customers. Imports and quotas are only a few of the global factors that can affect a small business.

Aside from the global economic factors that can affect a small Italian family restaurant, there are social trends as that can affect the Italian restaurant also. In the past, South Philadelphia was known for its high Italian population. Recently, the rise in immigration to South Philadelphia has changed the demographics of the area. Now, South Philadelphia is inhabited by other cultures and backgrounds such as, Vietnamese, Chinese, Cambodian, Puerto Rican, as well as many other backgrounds. Most of these new inhabitants are immigrants from other countries. The change in the demographics can directly affect the Italian restaurant in several ways. For instance, in the past the area was majority population consisted of Italians in which the Italians constituted as the primary customer base for the restaurant. Immigrants of a certain background are more likely to eat at a restaurant of their culture rather than another culture because it is an accustomed behavior and a norm for them. If Italians are replaced by people of other backgrounds the Italian restaurant would have to find ways to attract other backgrounds. This task may be very difficult due to the cost of advertising in a large city like Philadelphia, but also very expensive. Therefore, the loss in the loyal customer base can directly decrease the net income for the restaurant. Until the restaurant builds another customer base, it will continue to show a decrease in net income.

Another global social trend that can affect the Italian restaurant is the increase in traveling by Americans. Americans are becoming much more connected to the rest of the world than ever before. As of a result of becoming connected to the rest of the world, more Americans are becoming more sophisticated and experienced with the trends of other countries. Traveling to other countries and experiencing different restaurants in a certain country raises one's expectations when in America. Reason for this is that the person has something to compare the restaurant to. If ones expectations are raised it will be more difficult to please the customer. For instance, an Italian restaurant in Italy will be completely different than an Italian restaurant in South Philadelphia. There are several differences between the Philadelphia ran Italian restaurant and the restaurant located in Italy. One difference can be the authenticity of the restaurant located in Italy. There will always be a more authentic feel to a restaurant located in its home country. Another difference is the customer service. It is a social norm for Italians to treat customers as family and the culture from the Philadelphia restaurant may completely differ from the restaurant in Italy. The difference in the culture of the two restaurants in turn raises the expectations of customers who have been to Italy in the past. Trying to compare to a restaurant in Italy may be costly for the Philadelphia Italian restaurant because it is more difficult because the restaurant is located in America and can also become very costly.

It is no longer the norm to focus on trends in one's own country because there is a substantial increase in globalization throughout the world. Because of globalization, the world appears smaller and smaller each day. Therefore, the United States becomes affected by many other countries and the trends that inhabit other countries. It has become a common trend for entrepreneurs to focus any and all affects that other countries have on ones business. Global trends can affect the business in an economic manner or even a social manner if not acknowledged. Completely identifying all of the global affects and preparing for the affects can constitute a successful business.

Facing the Global Economic Crisis

The economic disaster that started in 2008 has developed into a global economic crisis. The negative effect on trade and investment is by now being experienced in a number of economies that focuses on export. The double threat s of growing protectionism and the dehydration of economic trade also appear on the horizon.

The continuing financial decline has made bigger development support for trade-led improvement more pertinent than ever to alleviate these negative impacts for the global economy, mostly least develop countries. Support for trade, in the form of building recent infrastructure and capability for trade-led development, is very important for future recuperation and to set up the global economy for long-standing progress and structural modification.

There are a number of imposing approaches to attempt and address the global economic crisis, for instance the UN Millennium Development Goals, however these are not only supercilious standards and under intimidation from the effects of the economic crisis (which would diminish existing funds for the goals), but they only aspire to divide poverty in two and other issues. Whereas this of course is better than nothing, it indicates that many wealthy nations have not had the political will to move further and aspire for more motivated targets, but are eager to find far more to keep their own banks, for example.

It may be that this time around, a more essential set of procedures needs to be well thought-out, probably global in scale. The very center of the global economic system is something a lot of countries are now turning their attention to. A global economic crisis is now not probable but highly likely, and many smart people are putting in place things to help them survive when the storm comes.

Current Global Economic Issues - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Having a Global Economy


In order to get a better understanding of the current global economic issues that have led to the current global recession we have to look at the history and the overall impacts of these trends on our economic health.

Many critics have stepped out to say that globalization has made the poor poorer and the rich richer. Actually there is compelling evidence that this is, in fact the case. Take for example the U.S. economy right now. While the middle class is quickly disappearing, there are more billionaires in this country than ever before. Some call it "recession" but in truth it is simply a transfer of wealth.


A global economy has been around for thousands of years.. People have been traveling by sea to trade goods as early as they were able. In the Middle Ages, traders would travel along the Silk Road connecting China and Europe.

During the late 18th century, the Industrial Revolution brought with it faster production machines and steam powered boats. Production and delivery could be done much faster than ever before.

After the 1980s, however, globalization really picked up speed. Legislation such as NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and the formation of the WTO (World Trade Organization) really solidified a global economy. For the first time in history, the entire world's economy is under the control of one system.


Globalization allows nations to produce what they do best. If a country can cheaply manufacture steel, another country can purchase that steel and concentrate on other markets that are better suited for that country.

One of the major downsides to globalization in this country has been jobs loss. So many corporations have taken advantage of the tax incentives (yes, our government pays them to outsource) as well as the significantly cheaper labor. Other less fortunate countries pay a much higher prices however. In South Africa, for example, a certain cola company that I will not name here has gone in and taken corporate control of their clean drinking water. African children drink more of the soda than water...because the soda is significantly less expensive.

Moving Forward

So there are both economic and ethical problems associated with globalization and most believe it is a direct result of our current global economic issues. The best thing we can all do is to educate ourselves and encourage others to do the same. Only through knowledge can we truly become empowered.

Global Economic Issues - Learn the Pros and Cons of Having a Global Economy


In order to gain a deeper understanding of the global economic issues leading to the current global recession we have to look at the history, the things that work, and the things that have harmed the world's economy as a whole.

Because of the downfalls of a global economy based on capitalism, there are entire activist movements working hard to stem the tide of third world countries being consumed by this global economy. Keep reading and I'll explain some of the basics.


A global economy is not actually a new idea. People have been traveling by sea to trade goods for thousands of years. In the Middle Ages, traders would travel along the Silk Road connecting China and Europe.

During the Industrial Revolution of the late 18th century, steam engines led to faster production machinery as well as steam powered boats enabling people to produce, deliver and trade goods much faster than ever before.

After the 1980s, however, globalization really picked up speed. Events like the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and the formation of the WTO (World Trade Organization) opened up the markets dramatically. These and other factors allowed the entire global economy to be held under one system for the first time in history.

Pros and Cons

Globalization allows nations to produce what they do best. If a country can purchase cheap coffee from another country, they can focus their agricultural efforts on a crop that is better suited to their climate. The increase of the overall market size can benefit consumers by providing cheaper and more readily available goods.

Now, for the down side(s). Industrialized countries experience significant unemployment when corporations outsource or relocate to areas of cheap labor. However the biggest and perhaps most upsetting downside is globalization, as we have approached it over the past thirty years, directly leads to the poorest countries growing poorer. These countries get gobbled up by corporations quickly often times having their most vital resources, including clean water, being taken from the citizens for privatized production and use.

Moving Forward

The protest groups continue to grow and organize, using current global economic issues as evidence that things have gone terribly wrong. But the problems lie not only with the ethical concerns of globalization. Indicators are beginning to show that our current global economic crisis is about to get much worse. The best thing you can is to educate yourself, form your own opinions and learn how to protect your financial future.

Global Economic Hope? Economies in Europe and Asia Come Out of Recession

While it's pretty much agreed that the global economic situation has been gloomy at best for at least the past year, there are finally rays of light breaking through the grey clouds so prevalent as of late.

Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, France, and Germany; these are the five economies deemed to have emerged from recession, according to the latest economic growth figures posted for the months of April to June, 2009. All five countries posted economic growth for the quarter, surprising most economic analysts whom commonly expected further recessionary trends to continue on for some time to come. Theses surprising results are a wonderful turn of events for all of us as they show the global recession is beginning to turn around, shying away from becoming a global depression.

So how did these countries emerge from their respective recessions so soon? Each via measures generally unique to their respective economies, yet similar in some instances:

Let's first take a look at Hong Kong's emergence: Posting a 3.3% growth in gross domestic product (GDP) from April to June, this growth has been seen as much better than previously expected, due to improved exportation, and a surprising boost in private consumption. Rising a substantial 4% over the previous quarter, the strength of private consumption in Hong Kong is said to be due primarily to two main factors: An 80% rebound in the Hong Kong stock market from March onwards, and a spike in property prices of 20% for the months leading up to June. Close by, Singapore realized an annualized economic growth spurt of 20.7% for the months of April through June, bringing their nation out of recession just slightly ahead of Hong Kong.

Also in the Asian region, Japan's economy removed itself from the global recession with a 0.9% growth during the second quarter of 2009. Though a small figure in comparison to Hong Kong and Singapore's, Japan's economic growth is no less significant as it breaks a previous contraction of four consecutive quarters. This period of economic growth in Japan is attributed to second quarter growth in exports from Japan, up 6.3% from the quarter previous, as well as the introduction of a government stimulus package worth an estimated $260 Billion dollars. Consisting of both cash outlays and incentive-ized subsides for the purchase of big ticket items such as hybrid cars and energy efficient appliances, Japan's economic plan stimulated consumer spending, while other countries similar plans stimulated Japan's exported goods industries (notably automotive programs such as the United States' Cash for Clunkers initiative,) which in turn spurred further economic growth by encouraging production of newly depleted stock nationwide.

In Europe, the economies of both Germany and France grew by 0.3% in the second quarter of 2009, both also due in large part to strong growth in exports from both nations. German exports showed the most significant growth, at a healthy pace of 7%, due largely to the strong needs and rapid growth of "emerging" economies such as China's. Helping economic growth in Germany was a welcomed up tick in personal and governmental spending as well.

In France, a similar scenario helped pull the French economy out of recession, with strong exports bolstered by higher than expected personal consumption bringing about their economic growth during the second quarter of 2009.

In all, signs are very favorable that the global slowdown is itself beginning to slowly turnaround, as more and more countries bring themselves out of this recessionary period. Only time will tell when a full recovery has been achieved, but if these countries' situations are any indication, a global recovery may be just around the corner.

Current Global Economic Issues - A Look at Globalization's Benefits and Downfalls

Effects of a Global Economy

If you wish to gain a clearer understanding of the current global economic issues that have facilitated the present recession in the world then it is important to take a look at the history behind it. Only as we assess the trends and their impact on our economic health here and abroad can we get to the truth.

A number of critics have voiced their opinions about globalization. Some have criticized the policies and cited reasons why they have made the poor poorer and the rich richer. There is some compelling evidence for this position. You can start by examining the current economic recession in the United States. While the middle class is drastically shrinking, the number of billionaires per capita is more than it has ever been. What some call a recession others describe as a massive program of wealth transfer.

A Glimpse Back Through History

Global economies are not new to the modern era; they have been around for thousands of years. The moment that human beings could travel the open seas they were trading various goods to all parts of the known world. Trade during the Middle Ages was carried on between China and Europe using such fabled routes as the Silk Road.

In the latter part of 18th century, the emergence of the Industrial Revolution allowed for machines to produce goods at prodigious rates and steam ships to get them to global markets. Production and the delivery of goods facilitated the birth of modern globalism.

Following the 1980s, a new hyper-globalism came into existence offering more incentives to promote a worldwide economy. Legislation such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (or NAFTA) and the creation of the World Trade Organization were some final steps to securing a genuine global economy. For the very first time in history, the whole world's economy was placed under the supervision of a single system.


Globalization, as a process, lets the nations of the world compete for the chance to manufacture goods and provide services. For example if one country can process steel cheaply and effectively while another can buy this steel, then the latter nation can specialize in other areas and find suitable markets.

Recently, the United States has been experiencing one of the diminishing returns of globalism: joblessness. The numbers of businesses and large corporations have taken advantage of various state and federal tax incentives and the dramatically cheaper labor cost that are available in other countries. Other countries have suffered from globalism in unimaginable ways. The costs of the current global economic issues are far too high.

The Road Ahead

There are a host of ethical and economic problems that have resulted from the practices and policies of globalism. Most believe that it is a direct result of our current global economic issues. There is still power in having accurate knowledge about the situation and encouraging others to educate themselves as well.

Learning the causes and effects of the current global economic issues [] can tell you a part of the story but there's a lot more information that you need to know if you're trying to protect your economic future. If you are interested in learning the truth behind the current economic recession [], visit us now for some eye-opening information that has recently been uncovered and that every small business owner needs to know. Hurry though; we don't know how long they'll let us keep offering this valuable and shocking information. Act now before it's too late.

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5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Network Marketing Company

So you're thinking about getting into the network marketing industry. The best way for you to start your search would be to stand on a busy street corner wearing a sign that says, "Help! I want to join an MLM." Passing drivers would most likely throw themselves out of their cars and slap onto you like biting flies. Most nine-to-fivers have some little scheme they're working on to get them out of their miserable jobs, and if they don't, their cousin, wife, husband or mother-in-law does... and you wont want any part of that.

A more realistic idea would be to just pass around the word that you are looking for a great network marketing company. Every night of the week network marketing meetings are happening in some home or hotel room. You'll never have enough time to hit them all. But choose a few to look into which have products that you could be enthused about. For example:

Is plastic kitchenware your thing? How about a cosmetics or midnight lingerie parties? What about a water tight faucets network marketing? Or selling oil which lasts the life of your car? Are you into health products? What about brooms, pans, new diets or water? Somewhere out there, you'll find almost everything represented by an enterprising multilevel marketing company or two, three, four, etc.

Ask yourself: "are the products this network marketing company sells in my field of experience or knowledge? Does it matter to me if they aren't?" I have always been interested in health and helping others to live better, healthier lives. Because of this, I feel an urge to get my company's health products out to the people, and that has made it easier for me to stay excited about my work.

Will you be representing something you believe in? Do the products or services work? Do they compare well with what is already available in the common market, or are they in a class all their own? You may want to take into consideration also that some companies are more charitable than others. Some have concerns about the environment and their products reflect that concern. The company I'm involved with has a foundation set up for children in need. It makes me feel good to know that I'm contributing to this cause as well as to my own.

Demand to know what the company's objectives are. Are they a fly by night, get rich quick scam? Putting your faith and energy behind a company is a lot like buying stock in one. You'll want to know where the profits you earn for the company (similar to the investment you'd make in one if you were buying stock) are going. Is it into charities? Into expansion? Into debt? Into the hands of a small group at the top? Large companies as well as small ones offer unlimited possibilities for return from your investment, so long as they are sound. Just like buying stock, it's the growth and integrity of the company, as well as the resistance of the products to market fluctuations, which will bring in the returns.

Once you have applied the above points and limited your possible choices to a few companies, ask to see their marketing plans. If the companies are otherwise acceptable, the generosity of their marketing plan could be a deciding factor

Companies & Industries to Look at When Penny Trading Stocks

If you are looking to make money with penny stocks, what industries should you look at?

One would be mass transportation. People would want to lessen their gas expenditures and choose to use public transportation instead. However, you would be wise to stay away from luxury or long distance transportation companies because people would rather not spend on luxury items or vacations at the moment.

In short, when you decide you want to diversify your penny stock investment portfolio, look for companies that are in tune with the times. Since the U.S. is in a recession, avoid companies with high end products. Go back to the basics. You will never go wrong with a company whose business is a basic necessity. (although that is not to say that all companies that fall under this category are good investments).

When you have chosen your industry, choosing the company to invest in is not a whimsical choice. It should be based on solid data and figures. So, still continue with the research and you will find your possible pots of gold.

On the other hand, choosing a company whose stocks may have fallen is not something you should disregard. These companies have been on top of their game, so it would be a good idea to take a second look at their organization. These companies are probably intent on getting back on their feet again, like GM and AIG whose stocks can now be bought for under $10. Go ahead and take a serious look at their portfolio - they could be planning something big to get back in the game.

Finally, when you diversify, don't do it just so you can boast of investing in several companies. Avoid impulsive and rash decisions. Take your time when you diversify, choose wisely and do the research and math properly.

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Industrial diseases are not uncommon. Workers in industry are often exposed to various kinds of health risks. Excessive noise, faulty equipments, improper machinery can indeed affect the safety of the worker. Such things can affect the health of a worker adversely. The long term implications of the situation are industrial deafness. Any worker, who is exposed to industrial deafness, can make an industrial deafness claim.

To make a successful claim, the victim of an accident must prove that the injury has resulted due to the negligence of the employer. If a person can furnish detailed medical evidence, the claims procedure can be fastened up. It s very important to show that the person you are making a claim against owed you a duty of care, that they breached that duty of care (were negligent), and that the injury you sustained was a reasonably foreseeable consequence of that negligence. Only when the claimant successfully proves this, will he be able to make a claim.

An experienced industrial deafness solicitor can help make a claim fast. The victim of an injury must have experienced pain and suffering due to the negligence of the employer. This is also known as general damages and can include an award for the inability to carry on with the normal life. A victim can easily recover the losses by making a claim. Similarly, a person can make personal injury claim online for any kind of personal injuries suffered.

The Why's and How's of Researching a Company

Many of us can have attacks of laziness. We do so much to make sure we have the correct resume, the perfect suit and some sound bites pulled together to discuss in an interview, that when it comes to taking time to research a potential employer, we suddenly remember that the bathroom needs to be cleaned IMMEDIATELY.

Researching a company really isn't that difficult and will provide you with invaluable information. You're not conducting a background check, but simply want to sound knowledgeable about the company and its' products.

The obvious place to start is at the company website itself. Check to see if they have a link to recent press releases. You want to see if they recently launched any new products or services or even made any staffing changes. Make a note of any industry buzzwords you see as well as the specific words that they use to describe their products. See if they have a Contact Us page and who is listed there. Does the company have an interesting mission statement? Who does their customer seem to be? Do they have locations in other parts of the country or partnerships with other corporations? If you were a customer, would this website answer all of your questions?

Next go to some career compilation websites like, or Sites like this can give you some objective information about the industry and some additional information about the company as well.

You can then take some of those industry buzzwords and product descriptions you identified earlier and use those as keywords in a website search engine. What you're looking for is companies that could be competitors to the one you're interviewing with. Do they have any similar products? Does it look like they are targeting the same customer? Do you think that the company you're interviewing with is more effective? Don't forget to do a web search on just the company's name itself to see if they have been written up in any trade journals or online publications.

Now you want to compile this information to develop questions you can ask at the interview, or some insightful observations you can make. However, it is in poor taste to bring up anything that could be an embarrassing incident for the company as a way of proving to them that you did your research. You want to be able to ask specific questions about their current product line and possibly the direction that the company seems to be taking, while using the information you gleaned from these websites as a starting point. Think of using your interviewer as a guide to give you some of the behind the scenes information about the more interesting aspects of the company. Keep in mind that they will not reveal trade secrets to you, but will be impressed when you ask how their newest product is selling, especially given that from your research, it looks like their competitors product serves many of the same customers.

Questions like these show that you are genuinely curious and interested in the company and the industry as a whole, and took the initiative to find out more information. You were also able to synthesize that information into an intelligent question that further demonstrated your interest and curiosity. Employers love this, especially since in my experience it's only been about 1% of the people I've ever interviewed as a hiring manager who have come this prepared to an interview. This is one way that you can definitely stand out from the crowd-in a good way.

Melanie Szlucha has been a hiring manager for 15+ years and a career coach for 6+ years through her company Red Inc.

What's her motto? "Let's Get Your A** A JOB!" Her resumes get interviews, her interview coaching gets clients to the next level, and her innovative ideas can move you in a new direction.

Profit Margin for Health Insurance Companies

When considering investing, it is a good idea to take a look at the profit margin of a company against the industry average margin. Looking at the industry average should give you a good idea of what kind of money there is to be made in health insurance. In past years, this industry has averaged a little over 3% profit margin. The margin for health insurance companies hovers at about 3% generally. It is a rank of about 88 among 215 industries as far as profit margins go.

This type of margin is not necessarily a good way to tell how much a company is making. Excess profits are kept low in order to keep the bells and whistles from going off. Company expenses can include many things to help the margin look smaller. Profit margin for health insurance companies can be affected by something like the sale of one department in one company. This boosts the profit for one company for one year and affects the overall average making it bigger than it would be naturally. This margin can give you a general idea but not a solid one.

If insurance for an individual costs just under $3000, as it has in recent years, then a 3% margin is about $100. Likewise, a family policy can cost a little over $6000 for a year and that results in a profit of about $200 for the insurance company. So for every customer, the profit margin for these insurance companies is about $100-$200 dollars per policy. Individual investors can judge whether that is sufficient profit for investment opportunities. But when it comes to this type of insurance, there is a lot more than meets the eye.

Profit margin for health insurance companies may not be a good way to judge investment worthiness. This type of insurance allows investors to have more power than many other types of industries. Health insurance companies set the medical expenses that they will pay out and control the services that they cover. They also can have some control over the people they accept as policy holders. That kind of control over allows administration and investors to have a lot of control over their expenses and in a less direct way, their profit. Profit margin can be a bit misleading of a touchstone for insurance investing.

Consider Getting a Cleaning Company Or Cleaning Equipment

Are you trying to clean a serious area? Not just your house, not just a few rooms, but a industrial or commercial building? If you are trying to find a way to clean a huge building, you should consider looking into either commercial cleaning companies or your own industrial cleaning equipment. If you are looking to hire a company, there are tons of commercial cleaning companies that will do the work for you. However, if instead, you are trying to do industrial cleaning yourself, there is industrial cleaning equipment you can look into.

You can find commercial cleaning companies by searching online, or by searching your local yellow pages. In fact, you can often find decent deals by looking in your yellow pages for companies with discounts and local deals. Online, however, you can find a larger selection of potential cleaning companies to use.

For example, offers a way to search for cleaning providers in your area. The search function on the site is not stellar, but it offers a way to browse for companies by state. This is a good resource to have.

Call up several companies and find out their prices. Mention the types of services you will need, such as janitorial services, cleaning services, housekeeping, etc. Ask several companies for reviews and references.

Alternatively, if you are interested in doing cleaning yourself, you can do a search for industrial cleaning equipment. There are tons of high powered washers and vacuums that you can buy for your own people, if you want to hire a team of cleaners by yourself.

Business Planning - Preparing a Company and Industry Analysis

One component of the Business Plan is a Company and Industry Analysis, I like to call this describing your pecking order in the marketplace. Consider if you will that you are starting a business and will be a little fish in a big pond. Describe you, the fish and describe the pond and where you fit into it, and if seeking investor capital, be sure to tell why you are a viable fish for a pond with bigger hungry fish?

Recently the Online Think Tank prepared a rough draft business plan for a product. This is a real product invented by Charles Shooster PhD. This product is an oral hygiene product and below is a company analysis and industry analysis rough draft. A statement of fact and we have left out all the "industry data" to simplify this example:


Teeth Wipes were originally conceived by Charles Shooster in the 90's, but due to time constraints Charles never acted upon this awesome idea. He did however make a few contacts with industry to sell the idea, which at the time never came to fruition. Years later he learned one of the companies he contacted and had a signed "non-disclosure agreement" with, stole the idea and ran with it. The company in question then sold the idea along with their whole company to Oral B for about $300 million, with Mr. Shooster's registered trademark logo and all.

Oral B in their infinite wisdom sold the Teeth Wipes, as "Brush-Ups" at an outrageous price of 12 for $8.99 and obviously it did not fly, although they did have moderate success in the beginning due to novelty and the Oral B Brand name. Recently, Oral B has dumped the "Brush Ups" and left a void in the market. Not wishing to make the same mistake as Oral B, our company will sell the Teeth Wipes at a price to buyers, which will keep the retail price around 5 for $1.00 and thus allow the Teeth Wipes the mass market appeal they deserve.

We have noted some Oral B Teeth Wipes being sold by retailers as low as $3.49 per 12 package now that they have been discontinued.


Our company will originally be web-based, because we do not believe in wasting our up-front capital or renting expensive office space, when it is not necessary, nor do we expect anyone to visit us, as our buyers will be from around the world and all they really want is the product for their shelves, catalogs, restaurants, airlines or vending machines. Our sales teams will be independent contractors and we do not anticipate telling them the time, mode or manner of their sales.


We see several new trends developing in this industry sub-sector, including a new product called Proxabrush Trav-Ler by GUM that seems to have made a serious hit with consumers. A six count is about $2.00 and we see our product as less expensive, more consumer friendly and less likely to turn customers away, as our product does not look like it will hurt the customer's gums or cause irritation in the mouth. In consumer ad hoc surveys this is exactly the response we got.

Another trend we hear from Dentists is that the soda pop, blended coffee drinks and food that the average American intakes is causing severe harm to teeth. Good for dentists, but very bad for humans. More and more people are living longer and the teeth have not evolved with the changes and increased life expectancy, thus more care, flossing, brushing will be needed. Unfortunately, brushing teeth three times a day, just is not feasible in the fast-paced society.

There is another significant trend; Water Supply Shortages. With less water available brushing is not always possible. Droughts, disasters, toxins in the water play havoc on the ability to brush teeth. Our product of course solves all these problems as well.

In high-paced, high stress societies, there is a premium on time. Those who travel cannot always find a place to brush their teeth, those leaving a restaurant are also in need of something more than a simple toothpick. Who needs wooden splinters in their mouth? Those who frequent restaurants have most likely had a bad experience with toothpick splintering.

Business Climate

We see significant warning signs in the stock market and economic indicators pointing towards a downward trend in the business cycle. We are not so concerned with this for our product, although see it will hamper some sales to restaurants and the travel industry. Still people want to look good and have clean teeth. Luckily, our product can be made for much less than anything comparable on the market, if folks want to save money, we cost less.

When the economy returns to a more robust state, more people will travel, eat out at restaurants and therefore our product will be more in demand. With a stronger economy we will be able to raise the price point and enjoy the higher profits we deserve for being the best consumer hygiene product on the market.

Position for Growth

Our company is positioned well for rapid growth due to our scaled down business model and web-based ordering system. Our product is in demand in the United States, Europe and around the world. With China's growing middle-class and the fact that 1/3 of their population smokes, Teeth Wipes is ripe for the Chinese. Due to our low costs to manufacture, we will compete in any market in the world. Due to our rapid web-based ordering process, we will run our company with little cost.

As the brand becomes more established we see opportunities for Pet Teeth Wipes and Infant Teeth Wipes, as potential add-ons to our product line. Even if these are never incorporated we will create separate marketing and business plans for them, and they will be available to the buyer of our company if sold, or as a new launch right after a Public Offering.

Future of Industry

We believe that UV Light systems wrapped in plastic will eventually be the way that humans clean their teeth to prevent decay and this will be used in conjunction with between teeth cleaning procedures in the home. We will be looking into these new technologies to augment our product line and also stay on the leading edge of the next new thing in personal mouth hygiene.

Currently, the Oral Hygiene market was mainly in the United States until recently; that is changing and in the future the number of world buyers will only grow. The Oral Hygiene market in many ways has become an Oral Vanity Market and therefore the lines cross and the market sub-sector is taking off, as The EuroMonitor has rightfully noted:

Industrial Cleaning Services

If you are running industrial business like factories and manufacturing companies, you need a professional cleaning company with specialized services to suit your particular needs, cleaning companies whose concern is not only in cleaning but in providing safety of the work place, the people working in the establishment, and the customers.

Industrial business establishments can be dangerous for its employees and visitors. It is one industry where several areas are off limits to non-employees and cleaning these establishments requires services of professionals and experts who have been trained for this field. Industrial cleaning services requires more skills and training than commercial cleaning and office cleaning services because each task has to be carefully planned.

This careful execution of tasks starts from the cleaning process up to the delivery and disposal of the hazardous chemicals to proper waste management procedures. Industrial cleaning companies need to have safety at the topmost of their minds all through their work. Because of this, it is very important to choose cleaning companies that can meet this requirement and cater to your needs.

Your industrial professional cleaning company must provide a cleaning and safety plan for your work place and its premises and follow the national laws about safety and proper waste management. Unlike commercial cleaning services and office cleaning companies, there is more to industrial cleaning that requires strict compliance not only with the cleaning procedures but with the chemicals and cleaning products they use. Toxic chemicals and other metals can cause injuries.

You cannot do industrial cleaning of your company as efficiently as professional cleaning companies, unless you are trained specifically for the job. There are too many dangers involved with industrial cleaning, unlike office cleaning or commercial cleaning. For example, cutting and welding metal could be dangerous not only to the worker but to anyone near the area.

Building sites, factories and warehouses present more risk to falling objects and debris, and moving machinery pose more danger to not only to the operators but to other workers around. Lifting heavy objects, if done by an untrained staff, can be dangerous because a worker may sustain serious back injury or death.

Industrial work places are filled with hazardous materials such as chemicals, which, if handled by non experts, could result to injury and even death. This is one workplace where carelessness and even fatigue has no place because the risks are just too great. XPO solutions is a leading cleaning company in London which can be contacted on 0208 561 0656.

Network Marketing: Which Industry Segment Is The Right One Now?

Today, more than ever, people are worried about their future and what it holds in-store for them. The economy, unemployment, fears of inflation, the housing industry, the stock market, and more all seem to have no positive outlook for the future. Each day the news stations across every media channel report about doom and gloom in every corner of our world, with one exception - "Network Marketing".

Recently, Network Marketing has been getting a lot of good press and rightly so. Network Marketing is the one sector of the economy that seems to be growing by leaps and bounds and appears to have no limitations in its future growth. No wonder more and more people are turning to Network Marketing as a source of a second income for themselves and their families.

Now may be the time for you to also begin thinking about finding a good network marketing company and launching a business of your own. Whether you are looking to augment your current income with a part-time business or you're ready to dive head first into network marketing full time, now is the best time ever to get started. However, before you do I would like to share with you what I consider to be the one most important decision you need to make in considering what Network Marketing company you decide to promote.

There are many different Network Marketing companies that are all ready and willing to have you come on-board as their next "Independent Marketing Representative". But, before you jump in and signup with a MLM company consider their industry. That's right, I want you to consider what industry they represent because this will have a dramatic impact on how successful you can become with your new business venture.

Industry Selection - A 6 Step Strategy

Network Marketing spans the gamut of industries from health & beauty, to diet & weight loss, to gold bullion and gold coins, to financial planning and debt management, the list of industries goes on and on... You think of an industry, and chances are there is a Network Marketing company that represents it.

So how do you select the right industry for your Network Marketing Endeavor? Let me share my 6 Step Strategy for selecting the right Network Marketing Company;

1. Assess your strengths and weaknesses from an unbiased perspective.

Be honest with yourself and don't let any emotions play into your self-assessment. Remember you want to understand as much about yourself as possible so you can choose an industry that is complimented by your knowledge, training, experience and background. Also consider your mental capabilities and physical characteristics during this step. Determine your comfort zone in such areas as public speaking, one to one conversations, cold calling, and leadership skills. Create a check list of each area that you assess yourself in and create a rating system to rate your skill and comfort level. In my opinion, this is the most important step. You must be honest with yourself and in your assessment of yourself; otherwise, the choices you make in the next 4 Steps will be incorrect and will just set you up for failure.

2. What industries match your personality, skills, and traits?

Come up with 3 - 5 industries that are your best match. You want to evaluate your skill set and match it to the industry that allows you to leverage the knowledge that you have already acquired. Taking this matching approach will reduce the learning curve and also provide you with the confidence you need to discuss your business and what it represents. Remember your physical and mental characteristics too. Obviously, if you are not the model of physical health then trying to promote health and fitness products would not be recommended, so you could rule out the Health & Fitness Industry from your list.

3. What are the industry growth prospects are over the next 3 - 5 years.

Pick up a newspaper, read the headlines and get up to speed on the economy and the world around you. Now is the time to dig deep into the industries you have chosen to focus your attention on. Which industry has the greatest potential for growth and thus would be the easiest and wisest industry to promote should shake out of this step. This step may take you the longest and require the most research, listen to what the world and financial analysts have to say also look and the industry and how it is doing now. For example, the Health, Fitness and Beauty industry is a $27 Billion dollar industry and with concerns of an obesity epidemic across the U.S., this industry is poised for huge future growth. Before completing this step you should know which industry you are going to focus the remaining steps of your research and exploration on.

4. Short list of the Network Marketing companies that are within your chosen industry.

Create a short list of companies that represent products and/or services from your chosen industry. The purpose of this step is to perform a high level review of what companies are available in the industries that you have chosen. You can find information about available Network Marketing companies by researching over the internet. Also, a few sites we have found helpful are and which can provide you with enough information to start your research. Remember to narrow your research down to only those Network Marketing companies that serve your chosen industry.

5. Research the Best Company for You!

Use your short list of Network Marketing companies from Step #4 - research and dig deeper into what each company offers. Visit each company's website and research their products, services, training, and tools. Research the company leaders and their backgrounds and what qualifications and experience they have for running an MLM company. Research the compensation plan and how you will make money with the company. Research the people that are part of this company. Reach out to several of their representative (these are people that have already enrolled in the company's business opportunity) and ask them to share with you why you should join their company. This is also a great time to introduce yourself to those people that will eventually become your upline.

6. Select your company.

Now, it's time to choose your company. The moment of truth is at hand, if you have done all of your due diligence then this step should be the easiest, as by now, you should be feeling pretty strongly towards one company, their products/services, and your future upline family.

It's not easy starting a new business and just because you have decided to go into Network marketing does not mean that it makes it any easier. Look at the statistics, nearly 97% of the individuals that start out in Network Marketing will fail. However, if you follow the steps outlined here, do your due diligence in the beginning and approach Network Marketing just like you would approach any other business endeavor your chances of success will significantly increase.

Industrial Cleaning Procedures

Anyone who runs a business must have access to industrial cleaning services, as this allows you to focus on other aspects of your business, while keeping the premises clean. These industrial services vary in scope, so you will want to take a look and find the company that will do the most for you. You will also want to find a company that will handle your equipment cleaning, as this remains a vital part of keeping your company running smoothly.

Every industrial site needs to be cleaned, as things get dirty and if this dirt is allowed to escalate, it can lead to the equipment breaking down prematurely. To keep things running smoothly you will want to make sure that it is as clean as possible. Industrial cleaning is an essential service for these companies, so make sure that you have the industrial services that you need.

The first thing that many industrial cleaning companies will do is bring in a high pressure water system. These water systems allow the experienced operators to clean in areas that they cannot reach, which ensures that you will have a complete clean every time. There are a number of different nozzles that these water systems use, with each nozzle being used to clean a different area. You will want to find an experienced cleaning company to handle this cleaning for you because they will know which nozzles to use in which areas. Using an incorrect nozzle could damage the equipment and, therefore, should be avoided.

Vacuum loading is another important aspect of industrial cleaning, since it allows cleaners to remove harmful materials from confined spaces. This includes getting dust and other substances out of air vents, as this will affect the quality of the air in the building. Removing debris from any pits in the industrial zone is also highly important, as this debris can add up and start hindering production over time. Many industrial services require the use of these pits, so keeping them clean remains essential.

If your industrial site includes a tank, it is vital that you have it cleaned on a regular basis. This aspect of industrial cleaning must involve a professional cleaner, since there could be toxic materials found inside of the tank. You will also want to make sure that the waste is disposed of properly, as limiting your impact on the environment should remain important. Many cleaning companies are now using robotic technology to clean these tanks, which allows them to do a thorough clean without exposing any humans to potential risks.

A great deal of strain is put on the sewer system of an industrial plant and even if your city usually covers these aspects, there is a chance that they will not be able to keep up. Industrial cleaning companies will come in and handle this for you, however, so you can ensure that your plant keeps running smoothly, no matter what. If you do not handle this problem, your industrial services company could end up flooding, which will end up costing you a lot of money. Keeping an eye on the problem and removing debris is a cost efficient way to avoid flooding in the future.

As an industrial center ages, sludge becomes an increasingly large problem. Luckily, you can have this buildup removed with a thorough industrial cleaning. A great solution is to have a sludge removal system put into place, as this will make the problem much more manageable. This is one of the industrial services that many of these cleaning companies will provide, as they believe that prevention is a much easier method of keeping things clean.

Asbestos is a potentially fatal bacterium that is present in a variety of industrial plants around the world. If you believe that this is a problem at your industrial plant, you will want to contact an industrial cleaning company as soon as possible. This area must be taken care of immediately, since it can do a lot of damage to your workers. A professional cleaning company can come in and eliminate the risk very quickly. They can also put new insulation in place that will prevent this problem from every arising again. Industrial services like this are important because they will make your plant a safer place to work.

Finally, you will want to make sure that you find an industrial cleaning company that offers emergency response, since you never know what will happen over the course of a day. If you are forced to shut down for an extended period of time because of a spill or maintenance problem, it will end up costing the plant a lot of money. If you have a company that provides emergency response, however, you can have the mess cleaned up and the plant running again at a much faster pace. This service should be available 24-hours per day, as these problems can arise around the clock.

Since so many problems can arise from improper maintenance, it is better to avoid these problems and take the proactive approach to keeping things clean. If you hire an industrial cleaning company to come in and maintain your plant on a regular basis, you can save yourself a lot of money over the years. These companies provide industrial services that will ensure that your plant is always running smoothly. There is a really no substitute for these cleaning services, as failure to keep things clean will nearly always lead to a disaster. Take a look around and find the company that is best for you, as there are many different customizable options from which to choose.